To my first and last , my dulo gitna’t simula,

Thank you for waiting and pursuing me in God’s way. You are my answered prayer, my blessing.

As I am writing this, I am for sure still single. Well I have always been single, nothing new.

I might have or haven’t knew you yet. IDK maybe we’re already friends by this time, introduced by a common friend , a church mate or perhaps our paths haven’t crossed yet. Only the Lord knows actually.

Hopefully you get to read this (sooner).

Honestly, I am very excited to meet you. I am curious of how our “meet cute” will be like Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky did. I am excited of how you will look like. I wonder if you are good with musical instruments, a dancer, has a good sense of humor, a reader or an artist/painter like me. I can imagine you leading the worship team singing your heart out for the Lord. Above all I want to know how are you with your relationship with the Lord and with others. I want to know your beautiful scars, your past, failures and victories in life.

But beyond with the excitement that I am feeling, I wanted you to know that I have been praying about you. I always pray that the Lord will protect you from wrong relationships/girls and to not make haste and wrong decisions in life.

As I wait on you, I will try my best to be better. So that when the time comes, I already know how to love you (the 1 Corinthians 13 way).

Hope not you will get disappointed by the way I look because I am petite and a shy person which I usually get insecured with. I am flawed and not perfect. I too have battle scars, was wounded but healed by the grace of God. Perhaps still on the process of healing and forgiveness as you are reading this letter.

I am so excited for us to worship the Lord together. To pull each other up and actively encourage each other when things get awful.

Thank you for not giving me confusions and for making me feel like how it is to be truly pursued. Thank you for giving me clarity by laying down your intentions.

You are God’s blessing to me that I will treasure for sure. For keeps.

I’ll love you from afar for now until then that I get to love you in person. I wish you well with God’s protection. Will for sure continue to pray for you.

Please don’t hurry but don’t be late. Take your time, as I take mine. Let’s be better apart and be great together.

See you and meet you soon my future husband.


I already love you my love. Until then.

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